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Four Common Combi Oven Questions

What Does a Combi Oven Do?

A combi oven, or combination oven as it’s known, first entered the market around 15 years ago. It was invented as both a combination steam and a convection oven in one and has since become a popular fixture in hotels and restaurants, as many chefs sing their praises.

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A combi oven has three main functions – combination, convection and steam. The three operate very differently. When switched to convection, dry heat is circulated. The steam mode allows water into the oven, and the combination function makes use of both steam and dry heat, giving the cook more control over the level of moisture in food. The main benefit of a combi oven is that it regulates the humidity and maintains the correct atmosphere. It also helps to reduce shrinkage, and it improves cooking times.

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How Easy Is a Combi Oven to Operate?

It’s possible to customise your own recipes and save them so that cooking the family meal is easy and convenient. There are different models on the market to enable you to cook conveniently at home. High-spec models require a little more skill and are aimed at the professional market. The decision on whether to buy a programmable or a manual combi will rest with the buyer.

The size of combi-oven required is usually dependent upon the amount and type of food to be cooked. A combi-oven is not just for professional kitchens. They come in a range of sizes made by all manufacturers. Combi ovens are a good choice for baking, grilling, braising, roasting, poaching, blanching and batch steaming.

The combi oven is easy to clean, and on many models one button will activate the inbuilt self-cleaning mode. A manual clean is just as easy – simply insert one cleaning tablet, open the door and spray the insides with the solution. Close the door tightly and press the ‘steam clean’ button.

There is a range of commercial combination ovens to suit all needs from According to The Caterer, the combi oven is an essential addition to the kitchen because of its capabilities.

The combi oven is built to be long-lasting, so breakages should not be common. However, manufacturers will offer support services and after-care to ensure you are happy with your product.

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