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Decorate Beach Themed Bedroom for Teenager With a Marine Look

The sun, surfing, swimming, and fishing make trips to the beach fun. Capture the excitement of a maritime atmosphere in your child’s room with a warm and sunny beach theme using the following ideas. To start planning, ask your child what kind of things he wants to have in his beach themed bedroom for teenager.

How to decorate beach themed bedroom for teenager?

Children’s imagination generates endless ideas, and you can probably discover a more specific theme to focus on the design. For example, your child may want to sleep in a boat instead of a bed, or maybe snails are what he likes best on the beach.

Thinking everything you will need before getting to work is a good idea when decorating. Planning and researching at the beginning will probably save you time and money in the long run. You can find great inspiration by looking at books about the ocean or visiting tourist sites online. Also, look for decoration sites to look for ideas or colors.

beach themed bedroom for teenager

Here are more things to consider for beach themed bedroom for teenager:

Color scheme: There are ways to make the color scheme of your beach theme. Bright and bright, or pale and neutral. You can use vivid reds, blues, yellows, and greens (the traditional colors of ships) to create a living space. On the other hand, the soft tones of snails, sand, and sky can create an illusion of relaxation. To decide on a color scheme, ask your child what colors attract him.

Decoration: To make the decoration effective, choose an object related to the beach on which to emphasize. Your options may be snails, buoys, lifeguards, boats and sandcastles, among others. Once you have chosen the object, find the graphic material and the objects (look at nautical stores or antique stores). You can also hang fishing nets in the corners of the room to keep toys and give a nautical air. Remember not to use small objects for the safety of children, such as snails, in the room of a very young child, as you can swallow them.

Walls: There are many treatments for the walls that you can use to emphasize your beach theme. You can paint a mural of a beach, with real sand mixed in the paint and snails stuck on the wall. Stencils and wallpapers will also offer a wide variety of wall themes, from sandcastles to seagulls.

Furniture: For a little fun, you can make a wooden boat raft and paint it to coordinate with the colors of your scheme. You can also trim a balsa wooden sandcastle and cover the wood with paint mixed with sand. With any of these plans, build a frame so that the wood is caught. Then put it on the bed frame. Another great idea, especially for a child’s room, is to completely cover all the bedroom furniture with snails, using hot glue. This may take time, but the effect is amazing. If you have a framed bed, use a fishing net instead of the typical cloth. You can also use stencils and paint to create a matching game for different furniture. Paint all of the same base colors, then use the stencils as accents.

The bed, pillows, and curtains: You can make your themed beach of these objects with a little paint, stencils, fabric, and other accessories. You can even find covers that have a network-like drawing. You can ultimately make your networks if you can’t find the color you want. If you are ambitious, you can sew the nets on the pillows and the curtains. To create some privacy, some have networks drawn on a whole fabric. Try to paint a beach in the window to complete the illusion.

Lighting: Look for beach-themed lamps and candles, or create your own. Try hitting snails on the candle to shape the shadows. But you can use some paint to make the figures, perhaps with the same pattern as the walls. Consider making your patterns by outlining some snail and other maritime species.

For another good looking lamp, glue a net to the lamp with hot glue, making sure that the net is not in contact with the lamp. Then, pass some glue through the lamp holder and stick sand. You can create a small lighthouse using cardboard, paper mache, paint, and a small lamp. You can place the lamp in the corner of the room to give it height.

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