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How to choose vinyl floors: Durability and aesthetics

A great alternative for your home is vinyl floors, a plastic coating with aesthetic, thermal, acoustic, antistatic and antibacterial qualities. 

A good option to remodel the floors of your house are the vinyl floors like karndean art select so we tell you all its benefits in this complete guide we have done for you.

Characteristics of vinyl floors

Manufactured with a polyvinyl resin thermoplastic compound, which is characterizing being flexible and durable. They are very resistant to traffic and moisture, do not scratch, and it is easy to clean since you only need a damp cloth.

Vinyl floors come in a wide variety of styles (visit here karndean da vinci) such as geometric designs, imitation of textures such as wood, stone, and ceramics. They have a plastic protection layer with excellent properties.

The life of the vinyl floors varies between 20 and 30 years, depending on the quality of the palmette or roll and the way of installation.

Some features and advantages of the vinyl floor:

  • Quick installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Self-extinguishing.
  • High resistance to humidity.
  • Resistance to impact sound.

How to know how much material do you need?

To know how much material is needed, the area must be taken out, that is, the length by the width of the wall or floor. That result in m2 is divided by the yield of the vinyl floor box. If the space is composed of more than one figure, for example, a rectangle and a square, it is advisable to decompose the surface to identify simple figures. In this way, we can calculate the area of each of them and then add them.

Consider an additional 10% of the material for the effect of cutting and replacing tablets in the long term.


In rolls, generally, they are rolls of 2 mt wide and 3mm thick.
In tiles, they are in square formats of 33.3 x 33.3 and / or 30 x 30 cm. With a thickness of 2mm.
In a table, they can be of 10 x 91 cm or 19 x 138 cm. With a thickness of 2 to 4.2 mm.

How to install vinyl flooring?

Tools and accessories to install

  • Miter box.
  • Cartonero knife.
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Measure meter.
  • Metallic ruler.
  • Moldings

It is advisable to start the installation from the center of the room to the sides. To do this, a cross must be made at the center of the surface.

Installation of vinyl floors

Start from the axis of the cross to one of the 2 sides, since the vertical and horizontal line will help maintain the levels.

Distribute the adhesive with a fine notched trowel on the floor, and then glue the tiles.

The tiles are glued without dilation between them, but a margin of 5 to 10 mm is left on the edge with the wall for future expansion.


To cut the vinyl floors you need a simple cardboard knife and two different types of blade (for straight edge and round edge).


The most advisable is to use a vinyl adhesive, with solvents to water, so they do not have odors harmful to health.


This type of floor can be installed with the dust covers on, as it can pass underneath, you just have to worry about putting a quarter of a roll on to hide the encounter.

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