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Can You Expect Energy Savings With New Windows?

The cost to replace windows is nothing to be taken lightly. Depending on the size of the job, window replacement can be rather expensive but while the financial component of any home improvement effort is highly important, you must also look towards the future as well. Replacing richmond windows with new, more energy-efficient versions can […]

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Should You Repair Or Replace Wood Fences?

The decision to build a fence is often much easier than making your choice between repairing or replacing it entirely. The first indicator to help in the decision-making process is usually a financial consideration. Who wants to spend all their hard-earned money to call a Richmond fence company and have someone come out to do […]

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How To Maintain Rugs And Carpet In High Traffic Areas

Carpeting can be a tougher thing to clean than hardwood floors simply due to the fact that your carpet fibers can get so easily stained while flooring typically won’t absorb such discolorations due to high foot traffic. But high traffic areas on carpet can start to show up pretty quickly if you’re not dedicated to […]

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Factors That Can Impact Cost For Window Replacement

Getting a replacement window installed before the bad weather hits is a great idea if you want to protect your home. However, before you search for the best replacement windows in Richmond, you should take some time to consider your budget and figure out what kind of window you actually need. Not all replacement windows […]

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How To Strip And Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

You walk into your kitchen one day and realize that your cabinets look awful. But you’re not really in a position to spend a whole lot of money on a full-scale remodel. That’s okay, it doesn’t cost a whole lot to reface kitchen cabinets, not when you do it yourself. Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t […]

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Will A Backup Generator Be Useful During A Power Outage?

Any homeowner who has been forced to live without electricity in their home for any length of time knows how difficult it can be. When there’s no power available, you quickly realize how much we depend upon it for even the smallest of purposes. But while there’s the instant inconvenience of having no electricity to […]

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Four Common Combi Oven Questions

What Does a Combi Oven Do? A combi oven, or combination oven as it’s known, first entered the market around 15 years ago. It was invented as both a combination steam and a convection oven in one and has since become a popular fixture in hotels and restaurants, as many chefs sing their praises. Image […]