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Four Common Combi Oven Questions

What Does a Combi Oven Do? A combi oven, or combination oven as it’s known, first entered the market around 15 years ago. It was invented as both a combination steam and a convection oven in one and has since become a popular fixture in hotels and restaurants, as many chefs sing their praises. Image […]

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The Repair Shop

If you’ve watched the BBC television show The Repair Shop, you too have probably been drawn in by the magical feel of the location and the fascinating backstories of the people who take their antiques there to be renovated. Many people have been asking who are the experts on the show? Is the location a […]

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Five types of glue and their uses

There is a large variety of different glue types, each with their own specific uses. Here we explain five available glues and their qualities. Image Credit Super glue Super glue, or Cyanoacrylate adhesive, is a strong, clear-drying glue with a quick bond. It is a waterproof glue which can bond a number of different materials […]

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Four reasons that fitters recommend laminate

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy to install flooring alternative to hardwood, then look to laminate. Simple to maintain and clean, resistant to heavy footfall, fast to install and looking like the real thing, there are many reasons why laminate is a popular flooring option. Image Credit Easy installation If you’re a budding […]