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Beautiful decorative ideas for each season

Decorate your home according to the seasons with these simple and beautiful decorating ideas and tips.


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Celebrate this season by opting for colors like pale violet, pastel yellow, pink and blue-green. Other spring options:

  • Decorate the windowsill with early blooming flowers such as crocus, tulips, and daffodils in small clay pots.
  • Opt for sheets, tablecloths, and cushions that illuminate the room. Look for simple, embroidered or printed patterns that complement your decor.
  • Retrofit your accessories. Dust the shelves. Take out your flowery porcelain or clear glassware and change the sofa’s dark cushions for more cheerful tones.
  • Move the furniture towards the fireplace to enjoy a view of the garden.


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Summer is perfect for rich colors. Here is how to add some summer touches:

  • Placing a white linen cover on the sofa will create a summer atmosphere, especially if you use colored cushions to accentuate.
  • Avoid summer heat with cool hues; External tables draped in blue and white bring a fresh breeze in the garden.
  • Create a nautical atmosphere by filling glass tubes with sand of different colors and sizes, and then place them on the balcony.
  • Change your heavy oriental rug for a lightweight carpet of natural sisal.
  • Replace your fireplace logs with white candles of different sizes and heights.
  • Arrange sunflowers in glass vases and illuminate them with lanterns at dusk to add a warm decorative ideas element to your garden parties and barbecues on the terrace.

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You can decorate your home or apartment effortlessly using leaves and fruits from the fields and the forest:

  • Imitate the changing colors of the leaves with accents in warm tones of orange and red. In addition, the forest green and the golden harmonize perfectly with the autumn colors.
  • Emphasize the arrival of autumn with soft textured fabrics such as suede, velvet and felt. The satin in autumnal colors gives the table decorations a sparkle.
  • Place decorative ideas items such as fresh or dried leaves, chestnuts, acorns or fans in simple bowls to decorate tables, sideboards, and windowsills.
  • Create autumn table decorations using pumpkins, dried wheat stalks, corncobs and squash – just spread them on the table.
  • Looking to add an autumnal and edible cachet to a room? Place vibrant red apples and juicy pears in a large glass bowl to convert it into an ornament.


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Even if it is cold outside, create a warm atmosphere in your home with these tips:

  • Remember ice and snow with shades of white, turquoise and blue-green. Of course, the emblematic color of winter remains the immaculate white, which combines beautifully with other seasonal colors.
  • You can also chase the winter cold with rich shades of purple, gold, and red.
  • Use winter decorative ideas fabrics such as soft wool, luxurious satin, Caterpillar, and lambswool. Integrate these colors with cushions, throws, and curtains.
  • Add warmth to a room (literally and figuratively) by replacing your curtains with heavy draperies.
  • Carpet tiles are a quick and inexpensive way to heat floors in your living room or bedroom.
  • For a colorful and cozy winter, make a bolster by sewing two scarves together along the length, then fill them with cotton wool and fix the ends with ribbons.
  • Attract attention with decorative glassware like vases or lanterns. These contrast pleasantly with rustic wooden decorations.
  • Opt for a vase of holly or pine twigs or a bowl filled with sparkling Christmas balls, apples or oranges for a nice winter touch.

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