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Art-Vinyl Flooring: Comfort and Elegance For Your Home

For those who value comfort, beauty, reliability, and practicality, and also look for floor covering, the technical characteristics of which would meet these parameters, it is worth paying attention to the material that appeared on the market relatively recently. Art-vinyl – a floor covering of new generation. The material was liked by both ordinary consumers and experienced designers. The popularity of this material is growing every day – let’s figure out why this is connected …

What is art-vinyl?

Art vinyl is a material that combines the advantages of three types of floor coverings …

  • Modularity of ceramic tiles;
  • The operational practicality of linoleum;
  • Beauty parquet;

A special texture of this material creates a moisture resistant floor covering, which is not afraid of temperature changes. Patented manufacturing technology provides reliable strength, an excellent protective layer, as well as ease of maintenance.

Structure of the material

The manufacturer such as karndean-art-select vinyl flooring has is similar to a multilayer pie. It consists of such layers …

  • The base is made of strong vinyl – its strength largely depends on the strength of the modules, the presence of their sound and heat insulation properties, and their durability.
  • On top of the base is the fiberglass. Its task is the hermetic stability of the tile.
  • On the fiberglass is the base for the decor.
  • After that, art-vinyl is drawing.
  • On top of the drawing is covered with a transparent transparency – this is a protective layer, which prevents the wear of the pattern.
  • At the top lies the finishing layer – it is a patented polyurethane film that smooths the transparency, and also protects the entire floor covering of art vinyl from the penetration of dirt into the structure.

Advantages of art vinyl

The cost of flooring art vinyl is comparable to the price of laminate, however, while the first type of material has a large list of visible preferential characteristics …

  • Floor vinyl is much stronger than laminate. Due to its multi-layer and the use of several vinyl protective layers, it was possible to create a universal floor covering that has high strength.
  • Vinyl tiles are characterized by good moisture resistance. She is not bothered either by water or dirt, so she can be safely used in rooms with great traffic. Its laying is expedient in bathing complexes, SPA-salons, large halls, which are used as tambours between the street side and residential space.
  • Collections of floor covering art vinyl can boast a wide variety of color solutions, which provides an unlimited opportunity for interior design.
  • Simplicity in an application is a very important requirement for modern materials. And the vinyl quite corresponds to it.
  • Another important advantage of this material is fire resistance. Art-vinyl has a moderate smoke-forming ability, as well as moderately dangerous toxicity in the event of a fire.

Laying art-vinyl – determined with the design

As a rule, manufacturers who produce vinyl modules, to their collections apply design albums such as karndean-da-vinci, which shows the layout of art vinyl individual elements. Only those who are completely confident in their artistic taste can create an independently designed design.

But experts warn that this process can cause some difficulties when installing flooring art vinyl. Therefore, it is much easier for an experienced person to work with a ready-made recommended scheme that is attached to a particular collection.

After the packing with the material is brought into the room, you do not need to rush to open it, especially in winter. Give the modules to lie down for about a day inside the apartment and take a room temperature so that the laying of art vinyl is of high quality and the result is preserved for a long time.

Summing up, we can say that art vinyl is a floor covering that is practical and versatile. Art vinyl is used to decorate floors in rooms with high humidity, as well as commercial premises with increased throughput.

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