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7 Tips for Creating a Wall Accent

The accent walls are a topic of conversation in any living space and give the room a new dimension. Here are seven simple tips to paint a wall accent in a flash.

1. A bold color, but not too much

Heavily decorated walls are not for fragile hearts. Do you fear a color too intense?

  • Try to choose a similar shade (but more discreet) with a hint of gray, or opt for a slightly darker shade in your color palette.
Wall Accent
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2. Imagine and see

Are you afraid to start? No problem!

  • If you are unsure of the success of your first wall, start with a “shake test” that will allow you to narrow your choice to three or four shades, and then do a medium-sized test to check the results.
  • After spending a few days on colors, you will eventually find the one that best suits the space you want to decorate for Wall Accent.

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3. Location, location, location

Not certain to know the good wall to highlight? Think of the wall you want to highlight as if it were a big board to hang.

  • What is the central Wall Accent of your space that would best display your artistic talents?
  • Do you want to hang your masterpiece over the hearth of the fireplace? On a large white wall above the sofa?
  • It could be in both cases the ideal place for the wall you are looking to accentuate.
Wall Accent
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4. Small details matter

Unlike the previous board, you can also focus on a wall that would otherwise be ignored.

  • A small wall absorbed by a door? Increase its contrast rather than make it invisible.
  • More subtle, it can create a “warm” space in an otherwise under-estimated space.
Wall Accent
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5. Everything is about details

Choose a color for your Wall Accent by thinking about the details.

  • If a room is mainly dominated by blue tones, a blue painted accent wall may overlap too much in the room, thus negating the impression of space you want to give it.
  • Pay particular attention to the colors and hues of the highlighted objects. You notice a shade of gray-tin in the blue? Here is your accent color.

6. Do it yourself

To add a graphic element to your space while having the impression to enlarge it, here is a tip:

  • Rather than painting the entire wall, set a large proportioned rectangle with duct tape.
  • The extra white space will add a “new dimension”, also giving an illusion of depth.
Wall Accent
Image Source: Google Image

7. Stay away from the wall

An original way to create a personal space? Consider painting a ceiling like no other.

  • A deep and dramatic color that would normally darken a room can be the hue you are looking for your ceiling, especially in homes adorned with intricate moldings.

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