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5 Tips to Help You Maintain Clean Carpet in Your Home

Part of caring for a carpet means making sure it’s cleaned thoroughly and regularly. But with many carpets, especially those with dark colors and intricate patterns, it can be hard to tell if a carpet is really getting the deep clean it needs. It can also be challenging to take the time to clean your carpet regularly. Here are a few carpet cleaning tips that will help you give your carpet the thorough care it needs.

1. Remove Stains As They Appear

It’s not always possible to know when a stain occurs–or even to treat it immediately when it happens. However, the sooner you can tend to stains on your carpet, the better it will be in the long term. When you first notice a stain, try blotting it out with water. For tougher stains, use club soda or household white vinegar to draw the stain out. If the stain is omitting an odor, it might be time to get your carpet professionally treated.

2. Vacuum Thoroughly and Regularly

Even if you’re someone who vacuums the house regularly, you might not be paying special attention to carpet cleaning when you do. Be sure to vacuum each carpet in your home twice each week. Pay attention to the placement of your carpet when it comes to potential fading and sun exposure. If a specific carpet is in a highly-tracked area of the house, go over it multiple times while vacuuming. When vacuuming, try to pay attention to how much the machine is actually picking up. Some vacuums need to be reset at certain levels in order to work efficiently with thicker carpets. It also helps to make sure you’re changing the vacuum bags frequently. If a bag is too full, it cuts off the vacuum’s suction and makes you work twice as hard to pick up half the dirt on your rug.

3. Go Green

Sometimes chemicals are needed for treating specific stains and for overall maintenance. However, it pays to go green whenever you can in terms of household cleaners and spot treatments. There are many great options on the market that don’t use any unnecessary chemicals or toxins to treat carpet stains, and using these will be better for your carpet’s lifespan.

4. Make Your Carpet Pet-Proof

If you have a pet or multiple pets, it helps to put an extra barrier between your pet and your carpet. Even if there’s minimal danger of accidents, it can be a good idea to invest in pads to line beneath your carpet to soak up any odors that might occur. You can also place pads on top of the carpet to catch any excess hairs or stains. Switching these out a few times a week can protect your carpet from excessive contact with pet hair and dirt.

5. Use Professionals

When you’ve tried everything else, call a professional. Even if you feel like you’re thoroughly cleaning your carpet, it’s always a good idea to take it to get professionally cleaned at least a few times a year. It will help to keep your carpet looking healthy and spotless in the long term.

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